Admission Form

  X Attach here a new passport-picture

Student's name/last name _____________________________________________________________________

Date of birth___/___/19___ Male|_| Female|_|


Place of birth__________________________________

Nation of residence_____________________________

Address________________________________________________ City________________________

ZIP code_____________ State/Country ______________________________

Telephone____________________________ FAX__________________________


Passport's code/number_____________data of issue________ issued by the office/authority _____________

Course: Academic|_| Master|_| of September 2004

Student's signature:___________________________________

Name and signature of parents/guardians (if under 18 years of age): ____________________________

Parent's passport's code/number______________ date of issue_______ issued by the office/authority


Parent's passport's code/number______________ date of issue_______ issued by the



- The student accepts the didactic programs, the duration of the courses, the teachers, the softwares and materials presented by the Fashion Design Academy which may be changed according to didactic necessity as considered by the Fashion Design Academy.
-The student agrees to pay the enrollment fee 850 Euro and tuition fee of 5500 Euro for the course of 2 semesters. The enrollment fee will not be returned in case the student renounces attendence. The tuition fee must be paid two weeks befor the lessons begin and will not be refunded.
-The enrollment fee and the enrollment-form must be send in the same time. The enrollment fee must be send by bank transfer on wich is written the name of the student. The bank commission must be paid by the student. Cheques are not accepted for enrollment.
-The student must send: the complete enrollment form; a copy of educational qualifications; copy of passport (and copy of passaport of parents if under 18 years of age).
-The Fashion Design Academy has the rights to accept or not accept the request of enrollment within 30 days after the request and documents arrives. If the enrollment request is not accepted the Fashion Design Academy will refund the enrollment fee within 30 days after the comunication that the student is not accepted.
-The student is responsible for himself/herself and for any possible damages caused personally to people or things on the property of the Fashion Design Academy.
- Any eventual controversy will be under the jurisdiction of the forum of Florence, Italy.
- The student allows to the Fashion Design Academy to put him/her in contact with housing agencies. The Fashion Design Academy is not responsible for any agreement between the agencies and the student or for the housing.
- The Fashion Design Academy has the right to suspend/expel any student from the school for: any act of indiscipline and/or misconduct; damage of any nature to students or to the school; acts that may result in the damage of the reputation of the school. In all this cases the student can not claim refund of fees or re-admission.
- In observance of the law of privacy (legge 675 / 1996) we inform you that the personal informations of the student and the student's parents will not be diffused. The informations may be elaborated by hand or with computers by the Fashion Design Academy for : archive use; for sending informations and didactic materials to the students; to inform companies about the student and helping for job opportunities or to help students to find a housing; the informations can be send to diplomatic centers.

The undersigned (name first/last)_________________________________________
declares to have read and accepted the rules of the Fashion Design Academy.


Student's signature:___________________________________

Parent's or guardian's signature if the student's age is under 18 years __________________________________________